Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How To Choose A Remote Control Car Based On Your Experience Level

There are various types of remote control cars and trucks available in the market. Know about your driving needs, level of experience, budget, etc. to get the right car. This article will provide you tips that help you find the best car for your size.

Types of car

Cars and trucks are categorized into two main types. There are cars that run on gas and cars that are electricity driven. Gas cars that run using nitro fuel comprise of 0 to 40% of nitromethane. You can drive these cars for a long time at greater speeds. Electric cars, on the other hand, are more authentic, maintenance free, and do not produce noise.

Ready To Run and KIT car

In Ready To Run cars, everything a car requires to run is included with the car. An RTR car consists of servos, motor, and radio system, to drive it. A kit is a car that needs assembly, or all the parts require to run it are not available. You have to buy a radio, few servos, motor, transmission system to make it ready to run.


The amount of maintenance and service your car would require is the primary factor that determines which car to buy. Nitro cars require a good amount of preparation time like to put after run engine oil whenever you run them. If the car gets very hot outside, adjustment of air or fuel is required.

Electric cars, on the other hand, are as easy as plug and play. It only requires charging the batteries, install them and get ready to run them on the road. As the battery capacity allows them to last for only ten to fifteen minutes, you need to get them changed after every one to two hours.

Hope you liked this article. By implementing these tips, you would surely get the best off-road radio-controlled models you have been looking for!


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