Thursday, 21 July 2016

Learn About The Various Features Present In Radio Control Cars

Radio controlled cars can be on-road touring cars, off-road buggies, cars, trucks, street trucks monster trucks, and much more. Whether you want speed, comfort, and durability or just an easy to drive car for a beginner, all these factors matter a lot while choosing a car. Let’s understand these cars in detail.

Different forms

RC cars are offered in two basic forms: Trucks or Toy style cars. Toy style cars are marketed as remote control cars and kit-style cars as radio control cars. Kit cars require purchasing and assembling cars on your own whereas ready to run cars have all the machinery and accessory built into it so you need not do anything to drive them.

On Road cars

A remote controlled car is classified depending on the type of roads they run. On-road kits can reach higher speeds and resembles like that of cars seen on streets and racetracks. You cannot drive on curb or potholes in the road with these cars. On Road kits are available in electric and nitro versions to suit the different driving needs.

Nitro or Electric Cars

Nitro kits run using nitro fuel. Electric kits are very simple to assemble and maintain as compared to Nitro kits. They produce no noise and operate on battery. You need to just switch them on to run them. Electric kits can be run both indoors and outdoors whereas nitro kits are made for the only outdoor purpose.

Nitro car requires a good amount of preparation before and after running them such as changing fuel, maintaining an air-gas mixture of the car body when it gets hot, etc. Thus these cars are not made for beginners. Low maintenance and ease of driving are the perfect cars for beginners. 

Finding a car becomes easy, when you do a good research on your behalf. Reading reviews also help to a great extent.


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